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6 great lies camouflaged behind the GDPR

Juan Calatrava  // 29 May , 2018

¿How many e-mails Have you received these days with the excuse of the new GDPR?

In my case, they’re already in the 3 figures. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) obliges the companies that manage personal data, to re-collect the “explicit” consent of the users. But what is hidden behind many of these e-mails, is that companies pretend to keep playing dirty with your data. I will tell you that yes and not to be done because of the new regulation.

1st lie: It is obligatory to answer this e-mail…

No, it is not obligatory for the user to reply to any e-mail or give a consent to any company. Actually, what the GDPR says, is that “THE COMPANY IS OBLIGED TO OBTAIN THE EXPLICIT CONSENT OF THE USERS”. But if you do not want to answer, you do not have to, is more, is a good way to stop receiving annoying emails from the company “cars… I do not know what”, one day you were interested and never stopped sending unwanted publicity. What happens if you don’t answer? that the company is OBLIGED TO DELETE YOUR DATA FROM YOUR RECORDS. Yes, it is the company that is obliged, never the end user. And what can I do if I keep getting emails from 26th May 2018? To denounce this infringement of the regulation, for which you can use the electronic form of the Spanish Agency of Data Protection (Https://

2nd lie: Nothing has changed, you had already given your consent…

¿Sorry….? As someone would say that I know…. Everything has changed! If years ago, I gave you my consent because I needed a service, it is no longer valid and the new GDPR obliges you to apply again, under penalty of being denounced if you return to send me an e-mail on Saturday 26 May of 2018. This morning we received an email from a company of “Delivery”, alleging that as we will have many emails, they only inform us that “Nothing has changed… “, they are denunciation meat.

3rd lie: If you do not swallow…. I don´t give you the service…

Did your law firms really advise you correctly? If “YOU FORCED ME TO SWALLOW WITH YOUR POLICY OF PRIVACY “, now I can limit the use of my data to “Strictly what you need to offer your service“. To set an example, big phone companies know a lot about us, their communications network collects from location (not GPS), to an endless list of contacts to those who call or call us, some people have named this “THE FOURTH PLATFORM” But What happens if I want to limit what these companies can do with my data? Well, you can send them an email stating clearly that you do not want to sell, cede or even use your data beyond what is strictly necessary to offer your service and they “ARE OBLIGED TO DO “. What if they threaten to stop servicing us? Well you get rich without working, the new GDPR prohibits these tricks in an express way. How many times have we thought that the phone company on duty ripped us off? Now it’s yours, if you’re vigilant, you can give it back and for 1000.

4th lie: My “Safe Cyber” It covers everything, everything and everything…

If already many companies are believed protected behind a “Safe Cyber “, but they haven’t read the small print. What happens to your insurance company when you drive drunk? That give you back. Well, the same thing will happen now. The Safe Cyber It’s great for when you look at the law properly, but when you pass law enforcement, your Safe Cyber It will turn your back on you, other than the risks are not correctly calculated. For a Side we have the fines but what about compensation to the affected users? Yes, now the new GDPR establishes the compensation to users, which average may be between 10,000 and 20,000 €, imagine if your small and Commerce It has about 3000 users and you do not comply with the new law. But do not worry, that in addition to the compensation you will have a good penalty for default…. Don’t Worry, be Happy!!!

5th lie: Total, nothing ever happens…

Or the ostrich, ostrich theory of some CEO who thinks that investing €1000 to avoid fines and indemnifications, is a scam, when you could try doctors who manage specially protected data or risks… Yes, I read this almost which One In a professional social network, the mouth of a supposed CEO and great entrepreneur… The problem is that there is now “A GREAT MOTIVATION TO REPORT “. Users can become professional whistleblowers. Mr. Arriaga, the lawyer, this is his new line of business, besides, it does not end with the first complaint, in other words, not end with the return of the expenses of the only mortgage I could have in my life… You still don’t know what I’m talking about? Let’s put a common example. On Monday 28th of May 2018 you are going to get the manicure and to have a discount, they ask your data to become partner or partner of the chain in question. But the person on the other side of the counter forgets or nobody has told you, you have to ask “express consent” (no, that no longer applies to the fact that giving your data implies consent, that was before), well , you come out of manicure-pedicure for €15 and you’re putting the complaint, claiming compensation for poor management of your data… with luck, that month you eat thanks to the GDPR and the next month for another…. Ups!!! That you hadn’t thought about it and I’m opening a big melon? Well I think it’s time to really empower the end user and who is not prepared, who abide the law of evolution… survives the strongest or the best prepared.

6th lie: Total, we can not touch the big companies…

Go ahead that a single user alone will have it very difficult, but the union makes the strength and there are already associations of users who are waiting for the 28th Monday to start the “GREAT BATTLE” against companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Etc… Yes, these will also be affected, because even if they are companies MADE IN USA, with regard to users located in the European Union, are “OBLIGED TO APPLY THE GDPR “, which means that we can denounce them in case of non-compliance, that we can limit the data they obtain from us, that we can prohibit their use beyond those strictly necessary for the original end, Etc… Welcome to the New world where your data is really important, you do not settle for less, exercise your rights and end the tyranny of “Data-phages” Javier Calatrava | CyberSecurity Director in R3 CyberSecurity  

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