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We are backed by more than 20 years of experience

 in informaction technology security

R3 CyberSecurity is a company specialized in cybersecurity services and consulting. It is led by Javier Calatrava and a team of experts, all of them passionate about technologies and the security sector.

Our goal is to protect the most valuable assets in organizations: customers, information and operations. We offer custom solutions in this regard, adapting companies to security regulations (with special focus on the LOPD and GDPR Regulations) and opting at all times for a model based on prevention.

We have proven experience in a wide range of strategic sectors: Financial, Health, Industry and Public Administrations, standing out in the latter due to our presence in Institutions such as the European Parliament and the European Commission. 

On an international level, we possess a Security Operation Center (SOC) for European Institutions and a long track record in R+D+I projects. We have vastly collaborated with the Defense and NATO sector, with important contributions in fields such as secure mobile communications and advanced information encryption systems.

We maintain collaboration agreements with the manufactures in the market to face cybersecurity challenges and cover all the need of our customers with the maximum guarantees


Javier Calatrava

CIBERESPACIO: Seguridad + Tecnología + Legalidad. La solución no está en limitar ninguno, sino en fortalecer todos y alcanzar su equilibrio.

Cofundador de R3 CyberSecurity

Internacional presence

 In order to develop the business internationally, the group is composed of: 

REINVENTATE GROUP: matrix based in Brussels, currently extending its area of influence throughout Europe.

R3 CyberSecurity: Spanish subsidiary, with offices in Madrid and Barcelona.


The cohesion of professionals located in each location allows R3 CyberSecurity to build a framework of localized solutions and services, while benefiting from synergies and collaborative projects between multidisciplinary teams. 


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 The cohesion of the professionals located in each location allows R3 CyberSecurity to constitute a framework of localized solutions and servicies, while benefiting from the synergies and collaborative projects between multidisciplinary teams.




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