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Are Spanish companies going to the GDPR?

Héctor Merina Moro  // 10 May , 2018

Technological trends for 2018.

We are immersed in a new technological revolution. The way we live, work and relate will be modified by the impact of new technologies. The speed at which disruptive changes are being generated opens up a world of opportunities for businesses and consumers. However, like all technology, it brings with it uncertainty and a series of risks that must be analyzed.

According to the founder and executive president of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, Industry 4.0:

“It will not only change what we do but also what we are.”

The technological trends for this year 2018 are:

5g technology, Blockchain, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, conversation with machines, Big data and Smart data, digital Twins, and Open Source. They all lead to integration with two key pieces: the Internet of things and cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Statistics 

The evolution of technologies is related to the need for protection and security to ensure connectivity between devices.  The following picture shows some of the most relevant data on why the cybersecurity market is booming.


What is the relationship between cybersecurity and the Internet of things?

New consumer trends revolve around the technological world and the Hyper Between different devices and platforms. Digital media and devices are becoming more and more common in new products.

Thanks to this investment the companies obtain two great advantages.

  • The free flow of information between all devices
  • The speed and efficiency in each of the processes

But these benefits should be measured by the most important metric: customer satisfaction and loyalty. The company-client relationship changes completely, the latter being the epicenter of its activity, however are the companies really considering the final customer?

When I say considering, I mean all the processes in which the end customer is involved. Daily habits and actions are more and more connected to electronic devices, these facilitate the daily life of the people, allowing among many other things the time saving and the connectivity.

By cons, users are overexposed to errors caused by weaknesses in such technologies/platforms:

  • Computer attacks that disrupt your product or service.
  • Violation of the privacy of your personal data.

The attacker tries to subtract the information from the personal data of clients. In order to sell those data or to supplant the identity of a user. Credit cards, addresses, conversations, passwords, life habits, are one of the most common personal data thefts.

A mistake in this area would cause damage to the relationship between customers and brands, a loss in their confidence that would directly translate into economic losses.

The Internet of Things (Iot)

The latest study published by the ONTSI (National Observatory of Telecommunications and the information Society) in 2017, says that they are more and more people who suffer some kind of security problem.

But organizations cannot afford to move away from customers to avoid these risks, but to connect more with them. New products and services that incorporate technology will have to avoid the risks generated by cyber. If the most basic definition of marketing claims that you have to pamper the customer, how they will pamper that customer if they are not able to protect them.

All companies thus have a significant and differential opportunity to reach their customers: cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity as a customer loyalty tool.

IMPACTSI will comment on some of the brands that were affected by computer attacks on their devices and services.

Volkswagen: A group of Birmingham researchers discovered security flaws that allow any attacker to unlock all cars produced over the last two decades wirelessly. Investment in Advertising Mark on The year 2016:27,769, million Euros.

Whole Foods: New supermarkets are also exposed to risk from computer attacks. Fundamental aspects such as not breaking the chain of Cold Or the tendency of theCommerce. The company suffered problems with the payment system in its shops and restaurants, which caused the stolen bank data from its customers.

Investment in advertising will be of little use if it is not accompanied by perfectly safe technologies that avoid the risk of receiving cyber.

Suppose that good results have been achieved in conducting an advertising campaign for a new hyperconnected product or service. The features and functionalities of these new products seem very attractive to potential customers. However, a short time after the product launch. A group of users file a complaint Why Your devices have been blocked by an attack and cannot be used.

What impact will this group of customers have on the brand? Clearly disastrous, which would lead the company to a crisis. That is why investment and prevention in cybersecurity is a fundamental commitment to loyalty to your customers and avoid risks and losses associated with cyber.

Technologies as a means not as an end.

In conclusion I think it is important to know the way in which brands are currently related to their customers. The companies are much closer to them, they know them much more. At the same time, it has caused greater complexity to achieve its satisfaction. More factors and strategies are added to the development of new solutions. The Customer loyalty will certainly be much more accessible, but at the same time more difficult and with little margin of error. The competition is immense and the consumer is increasingly demanding.

Getting your customers to be prescribers of your brand is no longer worth using purely static products and services. The Hyper And efficiency are highly demanded. New devices constantly appear and surround people’s habits.

Cybersecurity will be a challenge and a customer loyalty strategy. The investment will ensure the protection of all systems. Awareness on the part of all would also be essential. The objective is simply to ensure that new technologies achieve great advantages and advances for all people.

Héctor Medina Moro| Marketing Departament at R3 CyberSecurity

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