8 Essential Cybersecurity Blogs in 2018

8 Essential Cybersecurity Blogs in 2018

Blogs are a good source of information to keep abreast of current news about the world of cybersecurity and hacking. That’s why in this article we bring you the 8 blogs that you should not stop following to be up to date.

1) DragonJar

Currently, DragonJar is a company with the largest Hispano-American blog created by Andrés Restrepo. It offers tutorials to get started in hacking, interviews, pentesting, tools, and events.

We emphasize that although the tutorials are old they are very useful when it comes to taking the first steps in the world of programming world.

2) Underc0de

Underc0de, is a community that works in computer security and hacking. This website has both a blog and a forum to find more current information.

The objectives of the blog include “include the free dissemination of knowledge, share knowledge, exchange input and interact every day to enhance the capabilities and skills of each in a cordial environment.”

In this blog, you will find information divided into 34 categories that include web security, hardware, first steps to get started in hacking, etc …

3) Flu Project

Flu Project is a blog developed and managed by Pablo Gonzalez and Juan Antonio Calles. In this blog, you will find tutorials about tools that they themselves make available to the user free of charge. Likewise, interesting news, tricks, and challenges to learn from hacking applied to computer security are published daily.

4) Hack Players

Hack players is a blog carried by the users themselves and have 25 million visits. Here you will find post about Pentesting, use of tools, challenges and add a section about interesting news from other blogs.

5) DaboBlog

This blog is managed by David Hernandez (Dabo) and is essential if you use GNU / Linux. Podcasts are interesting, dealing with hacking issues, computer security and debating with their guests are interesting.

6) Seguridad a lo jabalí

This blog stands out for the practicality in the posts that are aimed both at raising awareness and improving skills in hacking.

 7)  Elhacker.net

ELhacker.net updates daily news about all types of systems. It also has a forum where you can discuss with great professionals.

This blog has a practice section where you can challenge yourself with other users and learn through your wiki. The wiki deals with programming, hardware, databases, etc. …

8) Hacking Ético

This blog stands out for being aimed at a wider audience. It has post-oriented to hackers with information about programming, Pentesting, Python, etc. Subsequently, it presents a less technical part with the post about how to protect the devices and solve the most common problems for beginners.

Marina Córdoba | Marketing Digital Assistant at  R3 CyberSecurity

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