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Cybersecurity in companies. A matter of everyone!

Karen Corredor Ávila // 30 de octubre de 2018 

Are your employees aware of the importance of cybersecurity?

A study conducted by Aruba, a company of Hewlett Packard Enterprise affirms that employees consider cybersecurity to be something that is not very relevant in their work.

And as a result, there is evidence of an increase in attacks directed at the staff. According to INCIBE data in 2016, more than 110,000 incidents of computer security were received, a figure that doubles the number of attacks received in 2015 and that greatly exceeds the 2014 figures. We must be aware that cybersecurity depends largely on , of the human factor of the companies and it is for this reason that it is necessary to ensure that the staff executes good practices in their place of work.

How to be a cyber worker responsible?


Lock your computer every time you leave your workstation and once your workday ends.


Be careful with the pendrive, it is important that they do not fall into the hands of people with bad intentions.


Do not write down your passwords anywhere, always remember them.


Do not leave documents in the sight of strangers.


Do not install unauthorized applications.


Browse responsibly on the Internet.


Be careful when using other devices and enter important documents.


Do not open attachments of unknown persons.

Remember that the actions of the staff at your workplace is one of the main causes of risk to data security. 

Here we share a classification of the template that will help you identify the position in which each worker is with respect to cybersecurity in the company.

In which of the four positions is your work?



Those who consider that cybercrime is overrated, and show a skeptical attitude with respect to the rules imposed to prevent future attacks.


Those who are not aware and consider that cybersecurity is only the responsibility of the company and not the workers.


Those who see cybersecurity as an important area in the company and try to comply with the rules, but do not always respect them either because of ignorance or lack of respect.


Those who are aware of both the risks and the threats facing their company and always work in the best security conditions.

From R3 CyberSecurity we emphasize the importance of training the entire staff with respect to cybersecurity. Employees must know the threats that their company could face and managers must provide their employees with technology that allows the assistance and protection workers need to do their job.

Karen Corredor | Digital Marketing Assistant R3 CyberSecurity

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