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R3 CyberSecurity Launches its First Ethical Hacking Contest:
Break The Machine!

Laura Arranz  // 07 March , 2018

ethical hacking

R3 CyberSecurity proudly presents the ethical hacking contest 

Break the Machine!

This initiative kicks off as a way for young cybersecurity enthusiasts to prove their abilities on the web and vulnerability detection.

Contest Calendar

  • Enrollment period: February 22 – March 9
  • First clue: on March 9  all participants will receive an email with the first clue, consisting of the IP of the first machine they will have to break into.
  • Challenges: from March 9, “hackers” will have 7 days to complete the mission.

The winners will go home with really interesting prizes

  • 1st Prize: Master in Cybersecurity from CEUPE Business School, backed up by an official university certificate from the Rey Juan Carlos University.
  • 2nd Prize: Expert course on Cybersecurity taught at CEUPE Business School.
  • 3rd Prize: Raspberry Pi 3 Kit + Arduino Kit.

Discover your hacking abilities and knowledge

There is no doubt about the huge demand for cybersecurity experts in the market: it is the discipline of the future and companies are increasingly requiring a higher protection from cyber attacks. R3 CyberSecurity is fully aware of this necessity, so it bets on the constant search and training of new talents to face the new challenges of the cybernetic era.

If you are a hacker, computer programmer or a student looking forward to testing their talent, do not hesitate to enroll for free on:

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