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Robinson list: against unwanted advertising

Pablo Real Roura  // 16 May , 2018

25 years since its creation

In the years 90 we began to have files against the unwanted advertising that at that time only regulated the postal mail. Over the years and the use of mobile devices it was necessary to include in these calls, emails, text messages and multimedia (year 2009) It is important to underline that the list is valid for companies that you have never had a relationship with. Besides, it’s going to take three months from the moment you sign up to start taking effect.

Who regulates it? Do we really stop receiving unwanted advertising?

Spanish Association of the Digital Economy (Adigital) manages this list, with the support of the Spanish Agency of data protection as public entity.

By law companies are obliged to consult which people are registered before making any commercial contact.

This list is not the only one that exists, as each company or entity can have its own. All are complementary to the general rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition. These come into play when there is data processing. I think we are starting from a basic error, and it is the need to register to a list to have to stop receiving unwanted advertising. It should be the other way around. Robinson list On the other hand, access to private information can lead to bad practices, taking advantage of it for publicity purposes. E.g: Spammers. There are companies that do not hesitate to make good use of this list, but others think that why pay to get data from people who do not want to know anything about commercial calls. Since I pay I will try to give you some use to report profit. The effectiveness of this list and other similars is more than questionable.

Entry into force of GDPR – Data processing

The General regulation of data protection implies a new regulatory framework for the use and processing of personal data in Europe and establishes, among others:gdpr
  • The ‘ active responsibility ‘ of companies and entities that deal with personal data.
  • Requirement for Ensure that They are in a position to abide by the principles.
  • Rights and guarantees that the regulation makes
  • Determine new Tools to control your personal data
According to the words of José Luis Zimmermann (President of Adigital):
“Throughout this year we will be launching a stamp for the companies that are users of our Robinson lists. The question is that the citizens recognize the entities and companies that are attached to this service and help to protect the right to the opposition of the citizen himself to receive any communication by the four channels quoted. I think it’s good to help companies that comply with the current regulations, “explains the president of Adigital. By clicking here, you will be directly accessing the Robinson list form log.
Pablo Real Roura| Account Manager at R3 CyberSecurity.

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