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Safety tips for summer

Summer is a particularly vulnerable time for our mobile device.

On holidays from high temperatures to thieves can play to make us go through difficult times. With these easy security tips, you can protect your mobile device from the inclemency of summer.

Beware of high temperatures

One of the most obvious dangers of summer are the high temperatures. This can end the life of our mobile device. We must avoid that the solar rays hit directly on this, guarding them in pockets or bags. If our device exceeds the recommended temperature it is preferable to stop using it.

Protect it from water

An unexpected dip can mean irreparably damaging a terminal. If this happens, first turn off your phone, if the model allows you to remove the cover and battery, dry it with a soft towel or absorbent paper and let it dry completely.

Under no circumstances put your phone to charge until it is completely dry.  Be patience and remove completely the moisture from your smartphone.

Public Wi-Fi and data theft

Although it is a great temptation especially when we are scarce of data, public networks are targets of many attacks.
As a recommendation when you buy or check your bank account is better to access from the 4G network, or through a VPN.

For more information Risks of free wi-fi.

Social networks and their dangers

During the holidays we are looking forward to sharing the moments of happiness on the internet. Without realizing the personal information we are offering that gives clues to thieves about the time we are going to spend outside the home.

We must always be cautious about the type of information we offer to strangers on the internet.


Many times due to laziness or ignorance we do not make backup copies. On vacations, the importance of making periodic copies multiplies, as well as the risks. By contracting a storage in the cloud even if our phone disappears the information and files contained in it will remain.

Terminal tracking applications

To prevent your device from being able to end up lost, activating the trace of your terminal can save you from more than one scare. Many operating systems include this option in their configuration.

Google maps offers us the possibility through a free service to track our terminal, Lockout Mobile Security, plus the possibility of taking a picture of your position on the map where the mobile is before the battery runs out and sends it to the website of the company so that we can consult it.

Dot Lock Security Protection can also take a picture of the person who took the phone.

Do not forget a good antivirus

We tend to forget that our mobile is also exposed to all types of malware. Installing an antivirus can save us a lot of headaches, many are free and we find them in our trusted application store.

Avast Mobile Security Free, Avira antivirus are just some examples of the wide variety of applications that we can find.

And if everything fails …

If we have not made a backup, we still have the possibility to save the lost information. Although the terminal does not turn on we can still access the information by connecting the phone to the computer.

This procedure varies according to the characteristics of each mobile and will allow us to access more or less information. The fundamental difference is that the smartphone is connected as a device or a removable disk, allowing us to perform more or less actions.

Other solutions are applications like Wondershare Doctor Phone that allows us to save the files of the mobile device in a simple way and without having to resort to more complex processes such as rooting the terminal.

If all this still seems too complex and we prefer the help of a professional, most manufacturers and official repair companies offer this service within their catalog.

Rosalía Domínguez | Human Resources Consultant in  R3 CyberSecurity