Digital Forensic Analysis

We do not only find out what happened. We also design contingency plans for the recovery of your damaged assets.

Digital forensic analysis is the application of scientific and analytical techniques specialized in technological infrastructure that allow experts to identify, preserve, analyze and present valid data within a legal process.

After a malicious attack there is a need to present evidence to the police authorities or insurance companies, and this is when the digital forensic analysis will collect all possible evidence of this attack, so it can be used both in a trial and as an answer to an  investigation in process.

Not only is it necessary for all companies to know that they have been attacked, but also they need to know the information that has been compromised and the degree of the caused damage.This is the only possible way to act appropriately and win the trust of the customers back.

The process of forensic analysis is described below:

  • Identification of the IT asset, its use within the network, the beginning of the chain of custody, the review of the legal environment that protects the asset and the support for decision making regarding the next step once the results have been reviewed.
  • Preservation of the forensic images of the evidence to carry out the subsequent analysis.
  • Analysis of forensic images, through the application of scientific and analytical techniques, in order to find evidence of potential criminal behavior.
  • Presentation of the information obtained from the analysis to make the report intended for lawyers, judges or bodies that request this report, the generation (if necessary) of an expert report and its right interpretation