Code audit

Code audit

Code audits?

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The correct operation of an application code does not only mean that it works without problems, it is also to ensure its security. Many times when a code is made, the engineering team makes it work normally, does what is expected, but it is not quite sure.

To solve this last part and get a correct operation of the application, is where R3CyberSecurity comes into play with the code audits.

What is a code audit?

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As we have said, a code is not enough for it to work, but it has to be safe. A code audit consists of analyzing the code of an application or of certain software made by a client company to find potential vulnerabilities and thus ensure that the application does not information leak so that a malicious attacker can benefit from them. 

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These information leaks are very dangerous because a bad configuration of the software can allow a user external to the application, get administrator credentials, find patterns of random numbers that are used in the application to predict behaviors that compromise it (how to solve captchas, for example), or obtain information about a database that is connected to the application.

From all this, we conclude that it is very important to trust in a company like R3CyberSecurity, since it will help the client company to secure software that, if it did not count on its help, the application would be full of security holes that would allow stealing confidential information. And this does not like anyone.





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