Security Consciousness-Raising

Our awareness days will provide your staff with the fundamental knowledge for the safe handling of any technological platform.

This program aims to achieve the communication and awareness of the staff of our clients in terms of a safe use of information technologies and the proper use of the Internet.

Training sessions on Awareness and Good Practices can be developed within the organization, as well as more general knowledge sessions, such as Internet Safety for end-users.

In short, we deal with the development of the same job in a more secure way, as well as with how to react to specific cases.

Within the security awareness training service, the goal is to inform the entire company’s staff of the basic safety concepts that must be applied. The following are some of the topics on Computer Security, which may be addressed in a Safety awareness course:

  • What is Information Security

  • What regulations are applicable to your company

  • How to manage security in the company

  • General “common sense” concepts.

  • Main actors and points of contact.

  • How to use the systems as part of a daily routine

  • Correct management of corporate information on a business trip