Business Continuity

We will help you guarantee the continuity of your business with plans that we will design according to your specific needs.

A business continuity plan consists of defining on paper how to act before the occurrence of a major incident, in order to recover and restore critical business functions that could be partially or totally interrupted.

In other words, this is how our clients prepare for future incidents that could endanger the continuity of their business.

When our clients know the risks their business faces, they can take action and carry out a prevention process. This therefore ensures the continuity of their business in case a serious incident takes place.

Every business must know the parameters that would make it disappear from the market and lose all the investment already made. Through an analysis of the impact on the business (BIA, its acronym in English), the cost that would cause the interruption of critical processes is indicated, providing the organization with the ability to classify these processes and establish their recovery priority.

With an appropriate business continuity plan, it can be assured that said business will not disappear, despite the possibility of being affected by certain incidents.

The Management of Business Continuity can be developed in 4 basic steps:

  • Threat identification and classification.

  • Analysis of impact on the organization.

  • Response and recovery plan development.

  • Test the plan and adjust the analysis