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The Digital Forensic Analysis consists of the application of a set of scientific and analytical techniques that allow reconstructing what has happened in a system after a security incident. It includes the process of acquisition, conservation, documentation, analysis and presentation of evidences in such a way that, if necessary, they can be legally accepted in a judicial process. 

The digital forensic analysis allows answering questions such as: what has happened? How has it been? When has it happened? or why has it happened? Having a specialized team is vital to contain potential incidents and take the necessary security measures so that they do not happen again. 

At R3 CyberSecurity we are experts in digital forensic analysis and we have certified professionals that will allow you to respond to current threats, with the necessary guarantees of evidence preservation and chain of custody.


Other services of R3 CyberSecurity

Technical support in the evaluation and containment of an incident

Forensic analysis of systems, networks and embedded systems 

Forensic analysis of systems, networks and embedded systems




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