Penetration Testing

Our team is trained to test the security of your business assets. In this way, we make sure that it is sufficiently robust for the network.

In many cases, when the main goa lis to enter a market as quickly as possible, the most basic measures of computer security are left aside.

Through an intrusive or ethical hacking test, we try to gain access, as an external attacker would, to the client’s systems, in order to identify and prevent a future malicious attack.

Intrusion tests consist of testing the protection methods of information system through the subjection of the system to a real situation.

Two methods are typically used for this:

  • The Black-Box method implies trying to gain access to the network without a previous knowledge of the system to simulate a realistic situation.

  • The White-Box method consists of trying to access the system with full knowledge of it to test the security limits of the network.

An intrusion test represents a good way to increase the awareness of the people involved in the project when it shows a potential safety gap.

As a result of an intrusion test, a diagnosis of the current security level is obtained, as well as an action plan to solve vulnerabilities.


This translates into:

  • A reduction in the risk of suffering a successful attack

  • Cost reduction (forensic or research, due to loss of intellectual property, loss of productivity of employees, consultancy and legal, the latter arising from being a victim of an attack)

  • Improve of competitiveness