SOC and Monitoring

People are the weakest link in the security chain

Having trained and knowledgeable IT security personnel is a guarantee for your business 

Employees are commissioned of creating, managing, modifying, trasmitting and eliminating information in companies, but do they know the risks to which they are exposed?

The human factor is involved in the majority of cybersecurity incidents, and it is vital for organizations to invest time and work in the training and awareness of their workers. 

In R3 CyberSecurity, we know in detail the threats that may affect your business and one of the pillars to eradicate them is precisely the trainning and awareness of all employees. 

The training and consciousness actions allows us to raise the first line of defense and it is the most important


The Computer Security Training services are the security measure par excellence, they are essential for the safe use of our clients work platforms.

We carry out specific and practical courses in Information Security, which will be carried out on demand, responding to specific needs, and can be applied to different areas or products.

After the implementation of a new security system or an ISMS, the training of all personnel involved in its direct management is essential and highly recommendable for the rest of the workface.


The Safety Awareness program will allow employees to develop the same work, but in a more secure way.

Through simple guidelines, which do not require technical knowledge, we will teach the basic habits that any employee must maintain in his job.

By means of practical cases, the workers will be able to experience how vulnerable their company is when faced with unsuspecting actions, as well as the consequences of a misuse of ICT.

Following the topics, among others, will be addressed

What is the security information?

What regulations are applicable to your company?


Human Firewall 

Good browsing habits



Protection and destruction of data


“Wi-Fi Security

Remote work

and more…

The procedures and the type of information handled in an organization depend on the responsibilities and in the area of the employee, causing a diversity in the risks and the level of impact of these. R3 CyberSecurity raises; therefore, Safety Awareness Programs with a personalized approach to the particular circumstances of each group.




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