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CyberSentinel 360

Solution designed to detect entry points that are used most frequently in attacks. Performs an automatic analysis of vulnerabilities of web pages, server software and network ports.


Platform created to simplify the process of adaptation and maintenance to the GDPR. It allows to prove the proactive compliance to which the new regulations oblige with total traceability of the actions carried out.


It is the safest cloud in the market, it has a certificate guaranteeing compliance with the GDPR and LOPD by the Spanish Professional Association of Privacy (APEP).

CyberAlert 360

Own SIEM system that offers real-time analysis of security alerts, generated by hardware and network applications. It manages data from more than 350 sources and processes up to 75,000 security events per second.

CyberShield 360

Solution for the encryption by vpn of the connections to Internet protecting totally the privacy online of the users and allowing at all time secure and remote access to their networks and servers. It includes antispam and antivirus.


Tool to efficiently define the cybersecurity test plan in application development, based on the technology used and based on the OWASP methodology.




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