External SOC

A SOC, or Security Operations Center, is a center from which a client's security is controlled and operated

In short, a center where all the alerts of the implemented security systems are received, correlate each other and identify the potential security incidents, investigating them and establishing a protocol of action, which will allow our clients to mitigate the impact of said incidents in the accounts of the results of your business.

At R3 CyberSecurity we know that not all companies can have their own team of cybersecurity professionals, so we offer our remote SOC service, from which we will control the security of our clients’ businesses.

Linking with our security monitoring services and with our Security 360 project, in R3 CyberSecurity we consider that the only formula to achieve an optimal control of security is through a continuous monitoring of what happens in installed security devices.

To this end, the creation of an Operational SOC is a key project in the development of our company, focused on granting an extra layer of security to our customers.