14 Websites to put your Hacking abilities and Cybersecurity knowledge to the test

We made a selection of interesting sites to start practicing and learning about hacking

R3 CyberSecurity does not want you to get bored during this holiday season. This is why we have created a list with the best cybersecurity and hacking websites. We hope it will be a useful resource to practice and improve your offensive abilities.

  1. CTF365

Through this site, users defend their servers and attack each other, using the exact same techniques hackers use in a real context.


Wargames offered by the OverTheWire community will help you learn and put security concepts into practice through fun games. You will find ability tests for all sorts of levels, from total beginner to expert hacker.



This wargame site offers varios pwn challenges related to system exploitation. Users will need to use the best of their abilities on programming, inverse engineering, bug exploitation, system knowledge and cryptography. Challenges are divided into four categories.

[Toddler’s Bottle]: very simple challenges with basic bugs.

[Rookiss]: common bug exploitation challenges for beginners.

[Grotesco]: grotesque challenges that are painful to solve, but with a very tasty flag.

[Hacker’s Secret]: the solution intended for these challenges involves special techniques.

  1. S0URCE.IO

This multiplayer game challenges users to break high-technology security systems. Players must  write the computer code fast enough to access the S0urce.io ports.


Hacker Forever allows you to change game mode from White Hat to Grey or Black. Be respected, feared or hated. The game incorporates a clan, hardware and virtual software system, as well as a fiction network, several online shops and services, tons of tools, an active community, chat, and so much more.


Hacker Projects allows the player to become a hacker in the middle of a tumultuous situation after all governments have succumbed to the economic crisis caused by the exploitation of all natural resources, all of this combined with a terrible outbreak.


The Smash the Stack network holds different Wargames. Players can participate in different real-world software vulnerability theories or concepts simulations. The software consists of an operating system, network protocol or any user app.


Hack this Site is more than just another place for wargame hackers. Its community counts on many projects that are currently active, with a wide range of hacked items and a huge forum where all users can talk about informatics hacking, network security… basically everything. Train the hacker underground and join the project.


This platform provides a wide variety of virtual machines, documents and challenges which can be used to learn about informatics security problems, privilege escalation, vulnerability analysis, vulnerability development, debugging, inverse engineering and general cybersecurity matters.


Pentestar Lab puts vulnerable systems at your disposal to try them and understand their vulnerabilities.


Microcorruption is an incorporated security CTF where users are supposed to use inverse engineering with electronic-lock type Lockitall devices. Along the way you will learn more about the setting-up process, how to use a debugger, unblocking the blocking code in just one step, establishing interruption points and performing memory examination.


Hellbound offer sthe traditional exploitation challenges, as well as some web and app patching related challenges and timed ones.


This codelab shows how to exploit web app vulnerabilities and how to defend yourself from these attacks. The user also has the opportunity to perform some real penetration tests.

  1. ROOT ME

This platform counts on 296 challenges and 69 virtual environments. Every challenge is related to many associated solutions and sources to learn and try to understand other users’ reasoning process.


We believe this website examples will be useful to share knowledge and abilities in terms of informatics security. Do not hesitate to contact us on our recruitment adress to take the next step: developing your profesional career in the  cybersecurity field.

Laura Arranz | Business Development Responsible at R3 CyberSecurity