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What value does the ISMS provide to your company?

Vanessa Pineda Segovia // 06 de noviembre de 2018 


What is an Information Security Management System?

Every day we are threatened by risks that jeopardize the integrity of our information and, in the process, the proper development of our businesses. These risks come not only from outside but also from within our company, to be able to work in a safe working environment we can implement an ISMS.

An ISMS is a management tool that allows us to know, manage and minimize the possible risks that threaten the security of information in our company. This system protects the information assets essential for the success of our organization, for example: emails, web pages, images, databases, faxes, contracts, presentations, among others. To ensure the security of all this information we can count on the help of an ISMS, a system that allows us to: analyze and organize the structure of information systems, facilitate the definition of work procedures to maintain security and have controls that allow measuring the effectiveness of the measures taken.


All this allows us to protect our organization against threats and risks that may jeopardize our competitiveness and profitability necessary to achieve the objectives of our business.

The management of risks through an ISMS allows us to preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, before our clients, inside companies and to third parties that are involved in our business.

The standard for information security ISO / IEC 27001 specifies the necessary requirements to establish, implement, maintain and improve an ISMS. In short, it defines how to organize the security of information in any type of organization. It is valid for companies regardless of their activity, private or public, with or without profit, small or large.

The objective of the companies when implementing an ISMS is the continuous improvement. Therefore, the Plan-Do-Check-Act model (PDCA or Deming cycle) is adopted for all the processes of the organization.

ciclo PDCA

How can I get a certification from the ISMS?

In Spain, the standard has been published as UNE-ISO / IEC 27001 and can be purchased through the Spanish standardization body, through the AENOR website.

Currently, compliance with safety regulations is a legal concern for companies in many sectors. There are international regulatory standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX or national level depending on each country in particular (GDPR, adopted since 2016 in all member states of the European Union and came into force as of May 2018); establish the guidelines to protect data and improve the management of information security. Converting the certification of the ISO 27001 standard the starting point for the regulatory compliance of each company.

Then, the certification of the Information Security Management System helps to promote information protection activities in organizations, improving their image and generating trust with third parties.

What are the benefits that I will observe after all this process?

Reduction of risks due to the establishment and monitoring of controls over them.

Cost savings derived from a rationalization of resources.

Safety is established in a methodical and controlled life cycle, in which the entire organization participates.

Compliance with current legislation and regulations.

From R3 CyberSecurity we clarify that the ISMS certification contributes to improve the competitiveness in the market, improves the image and confidence of our company among customers, suppliers and partners.


Clara Vanessa Pineda Segovia | Consultora de Ciberseguridad R3 CyberSecurity

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