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Why have Google and Apple banned apps that mine cryptocurrencies?


The new regulations of iOS and the App Store approved in June prohibited the use of applications to mine cryptocurrency. The multinational also warned that will ban all applications that are dedicated to it using iPhones and iPads.

First of all, Google could not do less and last week updated its Play Store policy also banning apps for mining cryptocurrency on that platform.

In both cases, applications that mine cryptocurrencies through the devices are not allowed, but those that manage this activity remotely will be allowed, but what has led these two technological monsters to make this decision?

Cryptocurrency mining apps destroy phones

The apps to mine cryptocurrencies use the hardware of the mobile devices to calculate the cryptocurrencies which implies a great expenditure of battery. In addition to this need to have the device connected to light constantly, the intensive use of its processors (CPU and GPU) ends up damaging the device in the short term due to the high temperatures reached by the chips at full capacity.

To all this, it is added that many groups of malware developers have adopted the practice of mining, inserting mining scripts in their interior (such as Loapi and HiddenMalware) and thus using user devices in order to generate virtual assets.

Do you think that Google and Apple will continue to intensify these measures or at some point will begin to reverse their policies given the rise of cryptocurrencies?

Pablo Santiago Gil |  R3 Cybersecurity  Consultant