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ZeroNet, a new alternative to standard web browsing

Juan José Fraile  // 30 May , 2018

What is it and how do we access it?

ZeroNet it is an alternative Internet network, decentralized, of users connected by means of the P2P protocol. The initial seed is Located in Budapest, Hungary. This Written in the Python programming language and is free software. It is not anonymous by default, although it can camouflage its IP addresses using TOR navigation, because it incorporates this functionality. ZeroNet  uses Bitcoin cryptography and the BitTorrent network.


A decentralized network implies that all created and shared content is not hosted on any particular server, but is hosted at the same time on all connected users.

To access ZeroNet we’ll have to run an executable we’ll download from your own Web. This executable is a connection that will allow us to access ZeroNet from any browser. Since it is not installed on our computer, every time the computer shuts down we have to rerun it.

When entering we must create a user (ZeroID), we don’t need to register, just create a name. There is the possibility to create different users for the different sessions.

What does it offer us ZeroNet?

  • Operation with any browser and operating system.
  • Encrypted connections via TLS.
  • Multi-user plugin support.
  • Anonymity guaranteed by TOR.
  • SQL database support.
  • No need for pre-configuration for use.
  • BIP32 type authorization without password requirement. The technology of the Bitcoin purses is used.
  • Dynamic content, sites that are updated in real time.

What will surprise us ZeroNet?

  • ZeroBoard: Tablon of ads in which there is no geographical division or channels, so we can publish in different languages.
  • ZeroMail: Private messaging application, based on point-to-Point encryption, distributed by P2P. For more privacy there is BitMessage That does not expose the receiver of the message.
  • ZeroTalk: forum where we can dialogue and create topics to do it in an organized way.
  • ZeroBlog: A blog where we can create our own articles, of course This That we should always use the same Nick.
  • ZeroChat: Dedicated to the creation of non-server chat, supported by SQL and updated real time using P2P using ZeroNet.
  • Zero Me: Decentralized social network and P2P.

ZeroNet is an alternative to standard and innovative web browsing in terms of privacy.

Juan José Fraile | Cybersecurity Consultant en R3 CyberSecurity

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